“Yeah, Well, you know, thats just like ah,  your opinion man”

-The Dude

Half Gallery is pleased to present “ Global Times Painting Painting To ” a curated show by Alex Becerra

The approach was simple:

A show with an Anti-Hierarchical group of Los Angeles based artist that fall somewhere between Mentor-mentee , friends of friends , addict to addict,  friends of friends of friends , and at the very least artist artist

The open ended lyrical pattern of the title denies proper grammar and relies on the vocalization to properly feel the title and sing it as a song  And why not have a title that is fun to say and sing during your trip on the 6 train from 96th to Astor place And I quote The Dude when I say “that's just like your opinion man” dismissing someone else's point as entirely subjective or too verbose Its something I kept in mind when looking at artist for the show How do you think of painting Is it painting once its hung on the wall Is it a bad painting when it questions the very idea of “serious painting” Does it become serious when you walk around an opening and get slapped in the face by a mink coat What is the general state of paintings and painters today I don’t want to use the word explore because we are not mountain climbers of Everest nor are we scientist but somewhere between magicians and jokers The works in the show on some level propose this question Not to resolve or find an answer because then you become what Philip Guston describes as “Wax Museum”


HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday, 12pm - 5pm



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